Google has recently introduced Google play gift cards which can be used to purchase your favorite local and international digital entertainment so as to guess what you do not need your credit card for. You can choose from millions of games, apps, movies and more on Google play store. One can redeem their gift card at any place, anytime on the web or your mobile application instantly. Since Google restricts underage users from using Google wallet, Google play gift cards are the only way you can purchase content otherwise. Read more here:

Google play cards are available at various stores such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Gamestop etc. You can get the Gift Cards online as well if you do not wish to leave your home i.e. either through the website or an application. They can serve as an awesome gift which you can give to your loved ones. There are lots of things that you can use those gift cards for. Some people love to play games while others prefer watching movies or listen to music and guess what your gift card can get you all of this.

google play gift cards can be used for yoga

Here are some of the best ways which can use them for:


The gift cards can just be of an amazing use to all the gamers out there who love to play games throughout the day. Whether you are looking for adventure, arcade, shooting or any other kind, there are tons of options available that you can buy from the play store using the gift cards.


There are hundreds of apps available on Google Play. It is sometimes not possible to look over every one of them due too many options and it becomes confusing. You can just pick out the best from among them that you need and just get going by the use of the Gift cards that you have with you.

You can find many applications for Yoga practice.


Not only apps and games, you can also enjoy tons of movies, TV shows and albums available on the store. Google play allows you to not only own the titles but even rent them out. This is a great option for all those you are constantly searching on the internet for different movies and other media options. You do not even need to use your card here but instead just pay the price through your gift card.


You can now use these gift cards to pay for Google play music or YouTube Red Subscription. This is the perfect way to try out things for a month or more, just by using your balance without having to spend your cash.

There are like a variety of websites and e-portals where you can purchase your Gift card such as Amazon, Snapdeal etc. Also, you can buy them from certain stores if you are not too sure about buying it online.

Also gift cards can be used for Yoga lessons.


Some of the Gift cards that are available online are for $10, $25, $50 and $100. The total amount can increase when buying from online sites due to certain delivery charges depending on where you live.

Redeeming a gift card for Google Play is a very simple affair, each card come up with a code on the back. You need to scratch off the silver covering to get the code. You then need to enter the code by tapping “redeem” on the website or on the application in the navigation drawer of the Playstore.


The gift cards are only redeemable once after the purchase. There are certain eligibility terms that are mentioned on Google play only. Best of all, Google Play Gift-Cards never expire. Any of the refunded Google play amounts will be credited back to your balance for Gift Cards and left there for future use under terms of service.

Neither these gift cards nor Google play credit can be used towards items like devices and accessories as they are only available for purchasing digital goods. There are options for you where you can send the the gift cards through an email, which has been allowed by major online stores like iTunes and Amazon since their inception. Basically, they allow anything which does not involve the direct connection with your credit card. Google play gift cards can be the best option for your own purchases as well as when you have to gift it. So enjoy the best of music, movies, applications and games at the best price and very easily with just a click away by using the Google play application or by visiting the Google Play website.