Yoga For Children

Children are our future”, “children are flowers of life” – we are used to such definitions. Why sometimes, when a child grows up, does it not always become harmonious, without any complexes by a person? In each of us, nature laid the initial, to a greater or lesser extent, different talents and abilities to be happy and useful to society by man. Why, in adulthood, is not everyone able to realize these God’s gifts given to us from birth?

Why is this happening?

Let’s compare the human psyche with the computer. The computer is arranged on the same principle as the person. The conscious mind is our operational memory, responsible for input and distribution of incoming information; the subconscious mind is a hard disk accountable for the safety of this information. The human brain is a processor that processes incoming data. The only thing that distinguishes a person from all that exists on earth is the presence of intelligence. It is the intellect that is responsible for making decisions – what is right and what is wrong. Understanding, in turn, relies on a database (a hard disk) enclosed in the subconscious.

process of life

Consequently, proceeding from the fact that a person has entered into the psyche in the process of life, he also builds his destiny. And finally, we reached the culprit of “hovering” of the embedded program – it’s a virus program. Insults, stresses, fears, various experiences acquired by a child in childhood, act on a person in adulthood on the same principle as a virus that got into the computer – you never know how and what it will affect in the future. For years, the virus sleeps in the subconscious until its “time” comes, and it will not periodically “shoot.”

What methods of combating computer viruses did people come up with? He created antivirus programs that recognize and neutralize a virus that has been hacked. Can we refer Yoga to the same antivirus program, but about human life? Yes, and I think that one who practices Yoga will agree with my statement.

engaged YOGA

Being engaged YOGA from childhood, the child will be protected from such “viruses” – they will not be able to settle and coke in his subconscious.

not allow developing

After all, various fears and grievances hid in its depths do not allow developing such important qualities for an adult as the strength of will, kindness, purposefulness.


These “viruses” form a set of complexes. Staying in a person for life, they distract many of our strength and energy, which man needs so much to realize his life projects and aspirations.

People who practice yoga know this. When you re-live during meditation or while doing other techniques quietly live some unpleasant moment from childhood, then immediately you feel the expansion, relief, lightness in the body appears, the energy trapped in this block is released. It’s no secret that YOGA heals the body regardless of the person’s age, even when he is not young. So what about the child, who is all written on a blank piece of paper! And if you bought a child to Yoga classes, then do not regret what you have allocated for this time, believe me – this is one of the best investments in his future!

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Meditation is the science of awareness; it is the art of knowing yourself.

The practice of meditation is a process of observation, the process of awareness, the process of transition from the concentration of attention to the knowledge of the observer himself.

The task of meditation – from thoughts about the past and the future, to shift attention to the present moment, and from the objects of the external world to the inner world, to Himself.

Practicing meditation man:

 Learn to be aware, be in the present moment, here and now, be relaxed, in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

 Releases all fears, complexes, resentments and other negative feelings and experiences, and the practitioner realizes them, versions, forgives and remains in silence, peace, and joy.

There are many meditation techniques. Teacher recommends doing what is right for you.

Yoga Directions

Hatha Yoga- this is the doctrine of psychophysical harmony achieved with the help of physical means of influencing the organism (diet, breathing, asanas, bandhas, mudras), and psychic means (meditation and concentration during the performance of asanas, pranayama).  In the ancient Vedic scriptures it is said that the Atma (soul) is trapped in five lifestreams (a stream of thin air, a flow of flat water, a stream of subtle fire, a stream of beautiful earth and ether), and only Hatha Yoga can release it from this captivity in order to achieve samadhi. Each exercise in a certain way affects the desired part of the body, organ or group of organs. Specially selected complexes of asanas, in which the sequence of exercises plays an important role, apply to improve and strengthen health, to combat various ailments. When performing asanas take into account: breathing (on delay, inhalation or exhalation); the point where attention should be directed. Some asanas have contraindications to fulfillment. Diseases, as the yogis believe, are the illegal distribution of the life energy (prana) in the body, and the satisfaction of specific asanas (as well as the performance of pranayama) leads to the correct redistribution of prana in the body, which cures diseases, both physical and mental.

Hatha Yoga helps you to get full health by using the hidden reserves of your organism, and by your own will, your will to achieve healing.

Yoga Iyengar is a kind of Hatha Yoga, founded by the yogi Iyengar. The Iyengar Yoga focuses on the correct position of the body so that it can harmoniously develop and become anatomically flawless. A characteristic feature of the method is the static execution of asanas with the necessary supports. Another unique feature of the process is a detailed, detailed explanation of each posture and an individual approach to each practitioner. Iyengar yoga presupposes the study of asanas and pranayama, which in the Iyengar yoga includes all other higher stages of yoga, up to samadhi. An essential aspect of Iyengar yoga is the sequence of asanas. Iyengar yoga can also be used for medicinal purposes.

Iyengar Yoga has 200 asanas. The founder of spiritual practice personally experienced each of them. Since everyone has a different degree of training, individual physiological characteristics and some even have health problems, Iyengar suggested using various devices. Rollers, chairs, blankets, belts and other objects allow you to give the body the optimal position for asanas.

Another unique feature of Iyengar’s yoga is the development of a separate program exclusively for women. Given the fact that the female body has some physiological characteristics, and the emotional sphere of the representatives of the right half of humanity is more sensitive than that of men, the program is based on a unique set of exercises.

 Universal yoga – a training system created by Andrew Lappa, absorbed all the best of the most potent and exciting yoga schools,

Such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga, Tibetan Himalayan Yoga, Taoist styles, as well as authoring techniques not found in any other system.

Universal yoga does not have rigid and unchanging practice options that limit the individual creativity of practitioners.

The followers of this methodology are free to change and guide the practice at their discretion except for two fundamental rules:

They must always remain open and conscious.

The practice occurs in the stream of a harmonious and thought-out psychophysical and energy sequence, the result of which is an achievement

Absolute physical health, emotional recovery, energy filling, spiritual balance, psychological control,

Extraordinary abilities and a conscious attitude to one’s own life.